Frequently Asked Questions

A state-of-the-art freight route GIS-based mapping tool based on complete data sets and a unique, specialized algorithm with sophisticated decision-making functionality optimized for non-interstate freight transport operations. For more information click here.

MuniRoute™ is the optimal solution for commercial vehicles.

MuniRoute™ was created by experienced engineers, who are national authorities in transportation, infrastructure, GIS, database and software design, and systems integration. We developed an advanced set of algorithms that take into consideration speed limits, real-time road clearances, weather and traffic conditions, and other factors, to ensure satisfaction through safe and on-schedule delivery of freight.

We currently service the entire State of New York, and we are working on expanding to other states. MuniRouteTM is capable of working in all urban and rural areas of the state without ever experiencing any technical difficulties!

MuniRoute™ offers access to its GIS in two different ways; Lease or License.